Why Us?

10.1 Reasons why you should hire us…

1. Our approach to home staging is not that of fluffing or decorating; rather we look at it from a marketing perspective. Therefore we are able to turn your house into a product that the buyer wants and needs.

2.  When it comes to staging we believe in target marketing and not broad mass marketing. Our focus is to cater our staging design to the 10% of the buyers who are very likely to buy. It’s called the 90/10 rule in marketing and for us it has delivered favorable results 99% of the time. Even in a downward market, our staged homes have sold in two days, some in five days but not in over 9 days.

3. Because we care about our clients we take the time to think thru the staging design process and because we value you and your money, we don’t just “throw something together” like some other stagers do. So yes we “overthink” it because we strive to provide the best product and value for what you are paying us to do 100% of the time.

4. Our staged homes do not have the look and feel of a “staged” home, which at times has a tendency to have a negative connotation attributed to it.

5. Our staged homes feel warm and inviting. They are inspiring enough for the buyer and yet within their reach.

6. Our staged homes do not look nor feel like homes for which the buyer thinks as if they are totally out of their league. Who wants that? It does not work in dating/marriage, nor does it work when you are trying to sell a house.

7. Specifically we should be your preferred strategic partner in the urban areas because we live and breathe in it. We are very much in tune with what the quirky, sophisticated urban buyers want and need.

8. We understand that your home is your sanctuary. A lot of memories and memorabilia reside in it. We are empathetic about who you are, and how the experiences you have had in your life reflect in how your live in your home, but we also know how to help you transition to your next phase in life not only geographically but emotionally also.

9. We have strategic partnerships with the best in the industry, whether it is Realtors, Mortgage Officers, Contractors, Movers, you name it.

10. Because this is our business and not our hobby, we are invested in you 100% of the time and not just on weeknights or weekends.

10.1 Because we are darn GOOD. We were born to do this.